Young star of ‘The Florida Project’ gets emotional at Cannes

It’s hard to imagine a cuter Cannes film festival moment than seven-year-old U.S. actress Brooklynn Kimberly Prince tearing up after seeing her film on the big screen and then getting a hug from her six-year-old co-star Valeria Cotto.
The young actresses star in new film ‘The Florida Project’, which focuses on a girl living with her unemployed mother Halley in a motel in Florida.
The film doesn’t shy away from showing the reality of life for the families too poor to afford a permanent home and seeing the movie play out made Brooklynn emotional.
(Soundbite) Actress, Brooklynn Kimberly Prince, saying (English):
“I think it was mostly, I think it was mostly really good to see me and how I acted and how I just – it was, it was emotional – there’s a lot of emotions in it.”
As the two little girls and Bria Vinaite, who plays Halley, got ready in their Cannes apartment,
Vinaite who was discovered on social media by the film’s director Sean Baker, said she was thrilled by the experience.
(Soundbite) Actress, Bria Vinaite, saying (English):
”It is the most surreal experience I have ever had in my entire life like ever, it is so much like more than I ever thought.”
Sean Baker told Reuters that he instantly knew he wanted to use Bria in his movie.
(Soundbite) Director, Sean Baker, saying (English):
”In that three seconds there was something about her – she made me laugh she was very, it wasn’t just your normal selfie pose she had something to say and she was obviously an entrepreneur, she was actually trying to promote this clothing line of hers, so I knew there was something special about her and then of course her physicality too she has these wonderful tattoos.”
‘The Florida Project’ has received strong reviews in Cannes with the Guardian giving it five stars and the…

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