What’s RSS – For Marketers

RSS could be a technology that has the potential of overcoming several of the internet marketing challenges we have a tendency to face these days and turning into a most popular tool to induce 100% of your content delivered to your subscribers, furthermore a tool to assist you achieve top position search engine rankings.

The easy RSS explanation from the promoting point of view is that RSS is a straightforward to use publishing tool for marketers and publisher. It allows you to get your content delivered to end-users, without the worry of spam filters stoping your messages, and to other “content shoppers” (alternative websites, search engines and so on).

RSS gets your content delivered, period. And it helps you increase your search engine rankings and drives new traffic to your sites.

But some marketers are still afraid that not enough net users are using RSS feeds. Think once more …

Whereas achieving not more than marginal penetration, its usage is growing with astounding speed.

Really, per a report from the Pew Net & Yankee Life Project, 5% (vi million) Americans online consume news and data through RSS aggregators. Therefore the market is already out there!


RSS content is delivered through RSS feeds — straightforward files structured in a specific way.

These files embrace some basic info regarding the RSS feed (such as RSS feed title, logo, description, URL etc.) and the actual content you would like to deliver to your readers.

These content items are individual stories or articles (sometimes simply descriptions of articles actually printed on the net publisher’s internet site), presented in a very linear list.

But RSS isn’t only about text. You can easily use it to deliver audio content, video content and even PowerPoint shows and PDF files.


The purpose of RSS feeds is to urge people to subscribe to them, thus that they’ll constantly receive fresh data from you.

It’s just like subscribing to…

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