Tutors- Helping to Unearth Student’s Interest to Dig History!

Be it UK or any other country, Social Study is often seen something that is destined to put children’s interest off, if not taught with a certain zing. Many students in schools find it difficult to secure good grades that would satisfy them and their parents. Just because history, geography etc are not as interesting to them as are maths, physics, chemistry, sports, etc, they are constantly under pressure to perform in these subjects. However, this problem could be dealt with the aid of personal tutors. In London, there are many organisations that would be happy to guide worried parents and attend rather uninterested students.

Let us see, how they make subject like history more interesting.

Creativity is the Key

When one gets bored of routine things and activities he seeks novelty. This is where creating newer ways and methods can impact the physiology and memory most. As a parent when you bring a private tutor to introduce history or make it more interesting, he should be creative enough to be able to devise methods. Take the cue.


One of the most intuitive and effective methods to teach history is in the form of stories. The events that had profound impact can be taught effectively with good storytelling techniques. The tutor should draft the events of past into a story with dialogue and roles. This way, actually, leaves a room for understanding by the child and also enables to explore the event on his own.

Videos, Movies and Documentaries

These can be the absolute booster in the imagery a student creates to relate to his or her history. Speeches given in past, archived newspapers that had captured various movements, well-researched documentaries can make child curious and also catalyses the learning process.

History Games

While giving private tuition, the tutor can be more creative than the teacher in a school. He can get into play mode with the student and in the process make the subject as interesting as a sport to him. There are board games, video…

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