Top Cities to Settle Down In 2013

Relocating is sometimes inevitable whether it is for better career options, family, or lifestyle. But you can’t randomly pick up a city or town and move without researching about the place in detail. Quite a few people have made the mistake of moving on a whim and regretting it later on.

Here are some family-friendly cities of the country:


Situated in New England, you will find lots of career opportunities in Boston, Providence, and the Route 128 tech corridor. It faced terrible times during the recession but has now recovered completely. A half-hour train ride from Boston or Providence, this one-time summer resort has the natural beauty of a more remote place. The Lake Massapoag offers a place for residents to swim, picnic, and enjoy concerts on Memorial Beach. The main reasons why families are drawn to Sharon are its diversity and education system. There are seven synagogues, nine churches, and one of New England’s largest Islamic mosques here.


This place located in Colorado has often come up among the top when it comes to settling down and raising a family. The community is close-knit and safe. Louisville’s housing market has been on the rise since 2008, and its place in the technology-rich Denver-Boulder corridor has kept the job outlook solid. The education system is also quite good. The work-life balance here is amazing! In summer, there are numerous weekly events featuring food trucks from local restaurants, beer gardens, live music and much more.


Unlike other cookie-cutter suburbs in Northern Virginia, Vienna offers walkability, a historic center, and unique businesses that give Vienna an identity all its own. Residents here believe a lot in going green to save the environment and serves as a gathering spot for local events, like the Concerts on the Green summer series. There is a 45-mile bike path and park built on the roadbed of a former railroad that cuts right through town and downtown is dotted with one-of-a-kind stores and…

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