The Art Of Knowing How To Get Girls

The chances of bumping into beautiful women every day are extremely high. However, most men will pass on this opportunity because of many reasons, not least being the fact that they do not understand the art of knowing how to get girls.


They don’t know how to talk to women. Approaching a girl is nerve racking in itself but not knowing what to say once contact is made is mission impossible. Most women are not attracted by one liners that result in contact number exchange. Girls like to be engaged in conversation that is interesting, exiting and, most of all, different from the run of the mill chat up lines they hear week in week out.


They believe she is too pretty. Many beautiful women all have one thing in common. They don’t get chatted up as often as they would like. Most men think that these women are out of their league so these girls are avoided like the plague through fear of rejection. This is an ideal opportunity to approach the most stunning women that are out there once you have learnt how to talk to girls as most of them are craving attention.


Fear of rejection. Nobody likes to be rejected, however when dating women this is something that must be removed from all thought processes. This is one of the Ten Commandments if you want to learn how to get girls. Dating really is a numbers game so if you can handle rejection you will definitely date more than most.


She is with all her friends. Most girls go out in groups of friends or in pairs. This is a fact which needs to be factored into attraction techniques. Having the confidence to approach a group is key, in order to get the girl. Winning approval of her friends is a massive advantage when trying to obtain a date with women.  Learning how to chat up girls in this way is a definite winner.


Takes money and looks. This is making the assumption that women are only interested in two things, money and models. This is clearly not the case. Some women maybe, but certainly not the majority….

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