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Burnley vs Leicester: Team news | Daily Mail Online

Monday, January 30th, 2017:

[ad_1] Ahead of the midweek Premier League action, Sportsmail will be providing you with all you need to know about every fixture, with team news, provisional squads, betting odds and Opta stats. Here is all the information you need for Burnley’s home game with Leicester at Turf Moor.  Burnley vs Leicester (Turf Moor) Team news Burnley Burnley boss Sean Dyche does not expect any fresh injury concerns for his side’s Premier League game against Leicester at Turf Moor on Tuesday. Scott Arfield and Johan Berg Gudmundsson showed no ill effects following their respective returns in Saturday’s 2-0 FA Cup win […] Read More →

Find Great Catholic News Sites & Reconnect With Your Faith

Monday, January 30th, 2017:

[ad_1] In this modern world, it is very easy to lose sight of the things that matter the most. As we get bogged down by the daily routines of work and pressures of life, something has to give. Unfortunately, it is often the critical aspects of what defines us as human, our faith in god. This is why is it’s important to take some time out of our busy day-to-day schedules to reconnect with our faith, so we can nourish our inner being and be at one with god. Fortunately, the Internet has enabled churches and different faiths to spread […] Read More →

Rare baby beavers with mother in River Otter | Nature | News

Monday, January 30th, 2017:

[ad_1] The young beavers – known as kits – were photographed in Devon where they are thriving. Last year the mother gave birth to five young – well over the average of three in a litter. And her young family are unwitting pioneers in an Exeter University study about whether beavers should be reintroduced to England. The Eurasian Beaver (Castor Fiber) was a native of Great Britain until it was hunted to extinction at the time of the Tudors for its meat and fur which was used in fashionable hats, coats and gloves.   But beavers were confirmed as being […] Read More →

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