Swim Cover-ups to Flatter Your Body

The Bikini season is fast approaching and I can already here Sponge-bob and Patrick laughing at a distance. Have you gotten your bathing suit and swim cover-ups for the coming season? Of course, you don’t just need a swim suit but swim cover-ups are necessary when you are lounging by the pool or beach.
Even if you are wearing the perfect swimsuit, you must make sure that you also have the perfect and most flattering swim cover-ups in order to complement it.
There are great swim cover-ups available that you can try such as:

Resort wear caftans are usually made from sheer materials. They are oversized, have very wide sleeves that drop down to the sides, and are calf or ankle-length. Caftans are the best swimsuit cover up for plus sized women or apple-shaped figures. The free-flowing material does not hug your body too much. To create a slimmer look, wear a belt to cinch the dress at the waist.

Tunics are oversized tops that often fall just below your waist or up to mid-thigh. These sheer, light tops can come in short sleeves or long sleeves. If you are highly conscious about your arms, the long-sleeved tunic will be your best bet. You’ll be able to subtly cover them up, and still show off your great legs in them. It’s also a favorite among apple-shaped women, as the loose material does not cling to your torso, thus effectively hiding those bulges.

Pareos are wraparound skirts that originated in Tahiti. Now, they’re synonymous with resort wear because of their sheer versatility. When worn around the waist, they can cover up big hips and thighs. Tying this around your waist will also create the illusion of a slimmer waistline.

There are many different ways to wear a sarong. You can wrap it around your waist, around your torso or tie it around your neck. When worn around your waist, it will give a slimming effect to your waist, so pear shaped women can benefit most from this. When worn around your waist, you are able to even out the rest of…

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