Sparkling Fine Ball Grinding Machine.

Dedicated to the research of ball grinding machine for more than 60 years, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery is specializing in the production. Many products are exported to all over the world. The production centralized lubrication oil and gear reducer is the most professional, and has reached the lubrication system and gear reducer lubrication and sealing work perfect combination. Below we come together to find out the oil and lubrication of ball grinder gear reducer two important aspects.

The lubrication oil station is provided by the fuel tank, pump, motor, filter and cooler and oil pipe. Oil is pumped from the tank out, after mill filter cooler dust slag and cooling, and then along the mill four lines into two main bearings and shaft bearing. Return oil returns pipe flow back into the fuel tank. High pressure and lubricating station is to guarantee normal main bearing device, from the high and low pressure two system components, low voltage system ensure the main bearing upper normal splash lubrication, high pressure system is guaranteed in the mill before the start of a period of time to supply high pressure oil, the mill rotary department from the top, to establish a certain thickness the hydrostatic oil film, to realize static jacked up. Ball mill gear reducer lubrication and seal: the gear tooth surface at work, friction and wear, resulting in loss of power.Therefore, the lubrication type gear transmission design is an important aspect in the manufacture.

Cement plants have countless pieces of equipment operating to complete their production processes – including hundreds of gearboxes. A typical site uses a large number of lubricants to reduce friction and keep the equipment running smoothly. However, most facilities would see several benefits if they were to implement lubricant consolidation.

The maintenance of large open gear systems in cement plants presents a significant challenge because of the heavy loads and harsh environmental conditions….

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