Secure your buses by using public bus tracking system

Fleet manager are those person that mange the buses according to their region, but manage the bus is not the easy task as it looked. Managing national permit and intercity buses always been a worry for the fleet manager. Some of the common nightmares that make fleet manager life hell are as follows:

  • Security of passengers.
  • Theft of buses or spare parts.
  • Vehicle maintenance.
  • Unauthorized use of buses for their personal profit.
  • Fuel theft.

Using public bus tracking system you can easily track the location of your bus and also helps in monitoring, controlling, analyzing and improving the efficiency of your transmit bus services. Bus tracking system helps in increasing the overall efficiency. This high tech technology makes your operation smooth and provides you secure environment for your customer. Make your day more manageable and more secure by using bus-tracking device. This tracking device provide you path of saving your precious time and money. GPS bus tracking system use GPS real time information system for giving you exact information about the location of your buses.

Advantages of using public bus tracking system:

  • Provide you budget tracking device with the facility to storing content for more than 3 months.
  • Predict bus arrival time stop for the passenger by using SMS alert feature.
  • Provide you real time visibility to your bus, which improve your visibility.
  • Alert reporting feature helps in providing you execution report in the case of over speed.
  • Helps in quick recovery of your stolen vehicle.
  • Enhance the security and safety of your bus.
  • Geo-fence feature helps in manage your bus route.

Rich Feature in tracking your bus:

Along with these basic tracking system companies like LiveOnMap also provide some extra feature that helps in manage your bus according to your need. Some feature makes your tracking more interesting is as follows:


  • Report making: Manage your bus report according to your need whether it is weekly, daily, monthly.
  • Schedule making:…

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