Project Management in the Fast Lane: The 3 Day Sprint

When it comes to project management, especially with a small team, producing results that pack a punch in a short period of time is non-negotiable. The stakes and stress levels are higher, and team morale plays a vital role in crossing the finish line. In our world, there is no difference between running a good race and running a good project— warmup, sprint, cool down.

I’m not talking about the revolutionary 4 hour work week, 8 minute abs or 8 minute buns (unless you’ve figured out how to do it in 7). If you’ve tried those by now, you’ve probably figured out that you still have 36 more hours left of work, abs that you hide behind your oversize shirt and a butt that says, “You sit on me for at least 40 hours a week.”There is no getting away from having to do the necessary work to get what you want. We’ve been experimenting with project management techniques, and the process we’re stumbling upon seems to be keeping the team motivated, our customers happy and our production output in the 90th percentile. I have to ask myself, “What’s with this 3 day sprint thing?” and “Can this help other teams as well?”

5 things we’ve learned about project management:

  1. Better project management planning leads to more creative solutions, packing a punch and delivering on time.
  2. Working with the finish line in sight keeps the team pumped and focused as we run towards a common goal with a lower margin of error.
  3. Testing and/or reviewing work when it’s still fresh is actually fun, so we stay in love with what we do and make our customers happy.
  4. Marking a project and/or milestone as complete is gratifying. The more we mark things off, the better the team feels.
  5. Taking 5 to debrief, celebrate, discuss the project highlights and pin a medal on a team member provides some closure and helps reset the team for the next event.

The 3 Day Sprint: How it all breaks down

The Warmup (Monday)- Just like needing a good stretch before a race, there has to be a good plan before taking on a…

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