Memorial Day 2017: What to read, watch this holiday weekend

What to binge on Netflix and go see in the theaters.

While Memorial Day is officially meant to honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military, it is also unofficially the first day of summer, the first day that some people think you are allowed to wear white and the first day you are obligated to eat something that was cooked on the grill.

In Seattle, it’s usually not the end of the rainy season (that actually comes sometime after the 4th of July) but if it’s warm, we start to imagine it’s time for flip-flops, pedicures and ice pops.

In that vein, let’s recap a few diversions over the long weekend to help launch your summer.


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1. If you haven’t seen it already,  the most recent tale in the X-Men saga is getting praise from critics who claim that Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give heartfelt performances as Wolverine and Professor X in “Logan,” which will be their final portrayals of the beloved characters.

2. Catch the new Ridley Scott movie “Alien: Covenant” that’s first cousin of the cult classic “Alien” that started it all. According to reviewer Soren Anderson, the new take has the same thrills and chills as the original with “spooky chains clanking in cavernous dark spaces where water ominously drips and menace lurks in the gloom.”

3. Watch “The Lovers” starring Debra Winger, who plays  one-half of a cheating couple. Both partners in a long-term marriage are cheating on each other and both think the other doesn’t know it. “And, though their marriage is at its end, there’s still a spark between them; something faintly electric that refuses to die,” writes our reviewer Moira Macdonald.

If you’re in the mood to see this week’s big releases, here’s what our critics thought of “Baywatch” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”


1. In the mood for what may become a modern classic, then try…

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