How Do Messages From The Spirit Come Back? Artistic Writing Observe

I slept deep last night. One of these soul-satisfying sleeps where I recognize my cells are being replenished. This morning whereas I used to be drifting between sleep and waking I had an image on my mind. It absolutely was the leftover fragment from a dream I couldn’t quite catch however it became words that lingered after I opened my eyes-
“I am catching fireflies on my plate.”
Huh? What’s that every one concerning? I have not a clue what that phrase suggests that however I prefer it -and I’ve been mulling it over all day. I’ve visited with friends, attended a community potluck at the beach, watched the sunset over the ocean, shopped for groceries, fed my cat and still this one phrase keeps replaying in my mind.
I suppose I may have place the whole plan of “catching fireflies on my plate” right out of my mind however I didn’t wish to. I felt energized and enthused when I thought of it. In fact I felt delighted and touched with the mystery of it all.
Generally that’s how messages from Spirit come. Strange phrases, dream fragments, feelings that light-weight us up within and signal one thing uncommon, otherworldly, profound has arrived. The question is whether or not we are listening and once receiving these messages – will we cancel them out as a result of they create no sense to our normal minds?
Our inventive worlds typically appear mysterious and strange. Artists understand their best comes are usually born after they stumble down paths not taken before. Several outlines of my workshops were first jotted down on scraps of paper whereas I used to be traveling in an exceedingly car. Mystics apprehend that creation happens beyond the left-brain – after we are “out of our minds.”
I really like being connected to the mystic, creative, mysterious realms of Spirit. My life is richer and more exotic for it. When I’m not – well, let’s just say – I purchase restless, uncomfortable and my life feels flat instead of daring and vibrant.
So I will still catch fireflies on my…

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