Horton Group Announces New Promotional Offers for Logo Design & Content Writing

Horton Group is excited to announce the availability of two promotional offers: discounted logo design work and discounted blog content writing. The agency’s goal is to provide businesses with solutions that move their branding and digital efforts forward.

“Horton Group graphic designers have experience designing logos for companies in a wide variety of industries. For over a decade, our team has worked closely to improve business’s brand image and set foundations for marketing success with web-optimized logos,” said inbound marketing strategist Samuel Bradshaw. “Our process includes three initial concepts delivered to you after discussions with our designer about your goals and brand. We’ll present those initial concepts to you, take your suggestions and thoughts, and repurpose one of those concepts in a round of revisions.”

For an in-depth look at Horton Group’s work over the past few years, download the agency’s free Logo Lookbook resource. Horton Group has handpicked some of its favorite design examples and included them in this eBook to showcase the agency’s expertise. For businesses, ventures, nonprofits, or organizations of any kind looking to establish or redesign its logo, now is the time!

Horton Group content writers are certified inbound marketers with an experiential understanding of how to write blog content that improves your website’s search engine visibility. Ever since partnering with HubSpot and emphasizing inbound marketing as a major offering, our agency has employed content marketing strategies for legal, home services, IT, and manufacturing companies, in addition to a long list of other industries. Horton Group’s process starts with understanding your company’s target market. Equipped with that information,…

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