Global Consumer Spending on Media Content & Technology Grew 8% to $1.7T in 2016 on Surging Demand for Digital Content & Lower Price Hikes for New Mobile Devices & Access

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Despite the potential for chilling economic headwinds, PQ Media’s historical data consistently indicates that growth in consumer spending on media content & tech usually doesn’t mirror GDP growth.

Global consumer spending on media content & technology grew 8.1% to $1.645 trillion in 2016 and is on pace to expand another 7.5% this year, as surging demand for digital media content and lower price hikes for new mobile devices, high-speed access and related data plans are helping to bring the digital media transformation to the growing middle class, lower-income regions and rural communities worldwide, according to new research released today by PQ Media.

Global consumers spent an average of $299.97 on digital & traditional media content, access & technology in 2016, and per-capita expenditures are projected to increase at a 6.6% CAGR in the 2016-20 period, according to the new PQ Media Global Consumer Media Content & Technology Forecast 2016-20

Big government investments in new and upgraded online, mobile and telecom systems, spanning multiple markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia, where a whole new world of opportunities – from previously unavailable Wi-Fi internet access to the accelerated rollout of Smart Cities initiatives in key emerging markets and major developed nations worldwide – from India and China to Australia and the US.

In addition, digital penetration rates are gradually reaching saturation levels due to a more competitive global marketplace in which major mobile device makers and online access providers are lowering prices to…

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