Four Events Where You Can Use Organza Bags

Celebrations and party favors go together like ice cream and cake, and there is no classier way to reward your guests than by giving them organza bags, filled with appropriate souvenirs. Why use those generic treat or favor sacks, when a simple touch of glamour will make your parties stand out from the rest. The variety available in these bags means that you should have no trouble finding one that will match your upcoming festivities, and your personal sense of style.


Everyone loves a wedding, and what better way to show your guests how much they mean to you than by giving them gifts and souvenirs, wrapped up and presented in elegant organza bags. This will also make organizing them all that much easier, because you can gather all of the take away gifts, and have more than enough space in these roomy bags. Candy, bubbles, candles, matchbooks, and even disposable cameras will go in perfectly. You can even use them for the gifts from the couple to the wedding party, with bags in the bride’s colors for the women, and the groom’s colors for the men.


Another great use for organza bags can be at your next graduation celebration. Following the ceremony, you can have the gifts waiting for your guests to pick up in bags that match the school colors of the graduate, filled with wonderful trinkets with which they will remember this special day. Pictures, snacks, noisemakers, confetti, matchbooks with the date and lucky graduates name, or engraved pens and key chains. For the graduate, of course, it could contain money, tickets, or a key chain of their own, with a set of keys attached.


One of the best parties that you can fill organza bags for has to be a birthday party, no matter how old the celebrant will be. Kids are easy, put some bubbles, noisemakers, candy, toys and friendship bracelets in them for some fun souvenirs. Adult goodie bags can be fun, too, just with better and badder toys. Naughty key chains, matchbooks, lighters, decks…

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