Environmental Toxins Cause Disease and Health Problems

Chemicals found in plastics, personal grooming products, and pesticides can be toxic and even cancer causing. For years we thought that these chemicals came in such tiny amounts that they could not possibly cause harm to humans. However, as technology and biomonitoring improves, we are finally able to detect dangerous exposure to our body’s cells in such small amounts as one part per trillion. Levels of dangerous substances that used to be considered minuscule (well below the safety threshold for humans) 20 years ago, are now becoming a source of increasing concern. When developing babies and growing children are exposed to environmental toxins, their development can be affected. Adults who are exposed to the same dangerous chemicals can experience a range of negative effects from inflammation and unexplained weight gain to increased risk of heart disease, autoimmune disease, and cancers.

While it’s nearly impossible to entirely rid our homes, vehicles, and workplaces of every substance that might contain a dangerous chemical, common sense would tell us that we should at least try to eliminate the most dangerous chemicals from our environment. Just because you are able to buy a product at your local shopping mart or drug store, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s free of toxins.

When you purchase a new vehicle, new home, new sofa, or new carpet, open the windows to let fresh air in and toxins out. The seductive scent of a brand new car might be tempting to inhale, but the volatile organic compounds that come from paint, vinyl, glue, and plastic put you at risk for headaches, nausea, and possibly even cancer.

Make a point of finding out what substances are in the personal grooming products that you use on an ongoing basis. Consider your shampoo, makeup, deodorant, moisturizer, hair spray, cologne, lotion, shower gel, nail polish, nail polish remover, toothpaste and shaving cream. These products may contain harmful chemicals such as parabens (look for the word…

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