Enhanced Retail Solutions Announces The Waterfall Report

ERS’ new waterfall feature helps suppliers quickly track their future inventory projections.

Both Buyers and Suppliers can see where they stand from a commitment and inventory position and can work together to adjust as needed. There will be no surprises. – Jim Lewis, Founder and CEO of Enhanced Retail Solutions.

Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS), a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retail analytic and demand planning solutions to suppliers, licensors and their retail trading partners, today announces The Waterfall Report.

Many suppliers struggle trying to find a quick and easy way to track their future inventory projections against retailer commitments and actual orders. The required data points generally come from different sources – if they are captured at all. Conducting an analysis to see if there are any significant variances – unexpected shortfalls or over inventory situations – is time consuming, especially when dealing with a large number of SKU’s. Planners that attempt to create this “waterfall” report usually create something using Excel. While Excel is a terrific tool, it is prone to human errors and isn’t meant for dealing with large amounts of data that need to constantly be refreshed.

ERS has created an on-line waterfall report to help suppliers gain this visibility by integrating order, shipment and forecast data. It shows the last three months of actuals and next nine months of open orders, current reservations or forecasts. Of great benefit is the ability to filter by retailer, brand, date range and virtually any custom product attributes. The data is displayed in a tiered format by SKU: size and color and style. It is an on-line tool that is available to review 24/7…

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