Cheap Turkey Holidays in Gumbet

The little village of Gumbet has a familiar script with other small resorts in Turkey. A decade and a half ago, it was a fishing centre whose allure was yet to be uncovered. But with an influx of tourists who find sun bathing relaxing, the town got a new lifeline as it evolved to cater to their growing needs. Many years later, this town that borders the more familiar Bodrum is awash with life and activity.

Dramatic Change

It’s hard to see Gumbet for what it was back then. Now a resort town that is still expanding, many tourists have developed a liking for it for a variety of reasons.

Exploring Gumbet

Gumbet offers a lot to explore to its visitors. Here are some tips that may help you discover this Turkish land its own way.

Visit Gumbet Beaches

The beaches of Gumbet are as inviting as any other on the Turkish Riviera. Playing host to tourists from across the globe, this blossoming tourist paradise has shed all its old ways, and now thrives because of its attractions.

Blue Flag Beach

The shorelines of Gumbet are the vastest on the entire Bodrum peninsula. With over a kilometer of sandy beach, the Blue Flag beach provides an ideal setting to bask in the sun. Once the sun gets hotter, you can venture into the water for a swim. Watersports are also common the beach, so the adventure-seeking holidaymakers will find something to absorb them.

The beach is lined with hotels, cafes and restaurants, so you can indulge your taste buds with some authentic Turkish cuisine.

Vibrant Nightlife

The setting of the sun does not signal the end of activity in Gumbet. The night brings forth its own thrills and adventures. The pubs and discos that border the beach light it up as the visiting crowds drink and make merry. Parties are common in Gumbet, which, despite its small size, has grown into a party town that rivals the more popular Bodrum.


Once you explore all the fine offerings of Gumbet, you can proceed to Bodrum, which is a mere 10 minute…

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