Cardio workout for weight loss

Cardio workout for weight loss is as much essential as eating healthy food for weight loss. When you want to lose weight naturally you have to take care of two thing one is maintaining a healthy diet, which should include all kinds of healthy diet excluding junk food from your diet and other important thing is to proper heart pumping cardio workout, which would help you in weight loss.

Weight loss can be attained with the help of cardio workout by including all different combinations of following cardio workout in your regime. You can choose out of the following cardio regimes according to your liking.


Running is among best cardio workout. The best fact about running is you can do it both indoors as well outdoors along with that you do not require too much gear to start your run. Good comfortable shoes are required to start your cardio. If you are too heavy or had never run till yet you can start with slow run for small periods. The fact about running is that it is difficult to start but when you will see the exquisite results of running then you will enjoy running. Indoor running is done on a treadmill advantage of running on treadmill is that you can increase the difficulty levels like running on incline. Outdoor running can be enjoyed healthy lifestyle by feeling the fresh air while running, which can’t be attained indoors.


Cycling helps you in weight loss along with it help you tone your hip and thigh muscle. As like running cycling can be done both indoor as well as outdoors. Cycling outdoors helps you find and explore new places with that you are loosing weight. Cycling in gyms or at home can help you burn more then 600 calories in/hr. It also helps you in improving your sitting position.


If you know how to swim you would know how much effort you have to make to swim.  Swimming can help you burn fat without putting any strain on your body, which you can feel while doing any other forms of exercise. If you don’t know how to…

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