Can an Unbeliever be A part of Your Worship Program? by Darin B

As a worship leader it will be significant that you simply contemplate the question of whether or not an unbeliever might be a part of your worship program. I’m typically asked this question when two situations happen in a church: there are few team members obtainable for the worship program, and the person who just isn’t a Christian is a very proficient individual. You probably have a large church with many proficient musicians then the question could not have an effect on you as much, but if your team is small and a very gifted musician or singer is in the wings, are you able to willingly accept them into your worship program with a clear conscience?

What is the Worship Program Really About?

When considering your team, it’s essential to cease for a second and ask your self what the worship program is all about. Is it about having an important sound, or being professional or rocking the congregation’s socks off? Or is it about leading your church family right into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Lord?

I might counsel to you that the worship program must be about leading people to God in worship. Certain, we want to be professional and to play and sing to a high and exquisite standard, but I might suggest that these are secondary concerns in your worship program. A worship program is a spiritual occasion, not a live performance, so the concept a non-believer can be part of your team is unquestionably out of phase with the goals of your worship program team.

Who Qualifies Somebody to Take Half in the Worship Program?

In groups that I’ve lead, one of many core requirements of crew members is that they know Jesus and have a relationship with Him. Non-believers can undoubtedly play effectively, sing well, and doubtless perform properly, however they haven’t any idea of the very central concept of the worship program: nearer communion with the Lord. Yes, we wish it played and sung brilliantly, however we do not want to compromise the spirit of our…

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