Best Ways of getting rid of Facial Hair

Are your desirous of getting rid of your unwanted facial hair and don’t know where to begin? If yes, then what follows is definitely for you!

Get a good insight into the various ways of removing facial hair the right way—along with their pros and cons.


You are not a man, so put that razor down. Shaving facial hair leads to blunt and coarse edges and make your upper lips, eyebrows and other facial hair appear darker and thicker than what they should be. Shaving is temporary and agonizing. So while you may shave the other parts of your body, resist from using the razor on your face.

Depilatories (Hair Removal Lotions)

Depilatories contain strong alkaline compounds which break down facial hair and facilitate their easy removal. Considered to have an edge over shaving, hair removal creams and lotions are easily available in cosmetic stores and do not create sharp edged hair tips after use.

However, they yield temporary results which last for barely a few days. The harmful chemicals in these products can also harm the more delicate areas of your face.


Though ancient and conventional, threading is a proven method for precise eyebrow shaping and removal of unwanted hair from your forehead, chin, upper lips and so forth. Quick, easy and reliable, the effects of threading last for over six weeks. This process does not rely on harsh chemicals and is inexpensive.


Waxing necessitates the application of resin wax for removing facial hair. Its effects last for up to six weeks at a stretch. Waxing services are offered by salons and spas across the country and can also be carried within the comforts of your home—with cold wax home kits.

However, waxing can cause high exfoliation of the skin which leads to scabs, redness and/or burns. Powerful exfoliating agents in waxing mediums are best avoided. These include alpha-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid and enzymes.


Gel and paste are the two popular kinds of sugaring. Both are made from safe and…

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