Be a Rock Star with Amazing Rock Star Tattoos

Tattoos are symbols of rebellion. They represent an antiestablishment sentiment amongst the youth of a certain decade. Over the years it has stayed as a fashion trend but the relation between tattoo and rebellion attitude has not changed. When it comes to music, tattoos are most favored by those musicians whose musical creations have the element of rock in it. Classical musicians tend to have more neat fashion statements while Rock stars have an attraction towards rich tattoos.


There is a huge archive of tattoo designs made popular by the rock stars around the globe. These Rock Star tattoos are highly popular among the fan base of those particular rock stars. They serve two purposes. Along with fulfilling the dream of having a tattoo it also gives them a chance of hero worshipping of their stars.


Famous examples: 


Talking about the Rock Star tattoos, which are the musicians that come to your mind? Do you remember the 1991 album ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ by the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers? All the members of the band flaunted cool tattoos in their album. Every member of Aerosmith has some interesting tattoos inked on their bodies. Pete Wentz of the band Fallout Boy reportedly has more than thirty six tattoos on his body. Back Street Boys is not a rock band but they too are fond of tattoos. This boy band has popularized many tattoo designs among their followers.


Heavy metal bands have a very rich colored tattoo tradition. Sometimes the musicians of the band do not have any tattoos but the fans ink designs inspired from their favorite bands, singers and musicians on their body. Iron Maiden has a huge fan following all around the globe and their fans have sported tattoos inspired from their songs and album cover designs. It has become a religious thing for their fans to flaunt those tattoos in the concerts and gigs. Classic and popular rock bands have seen similar tradition followed by their fans. Fans of Queen, Black Sabbath, Linkin Park, Michael…

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