An Engagement for Integrity in Government and its Governance

What is it that we are looking to accomplish with this engagement of the expertise of the business school faculty in the area of business ethics and its interplay with public corruption?

The discussion related to public corruption has two major aspects (1) the role of elected or appointed government representatives, and (2) the role of those outside of government who seek direct benefit through illegal and improper actions. To change the culture of corruption, the business student and graduate should have a firm knowledge of government and its processes and the way it can influence the manner of business without bribery, abuse of power, or misuse of authority.

Role of Elected or Appointed Government Representatives

The first side concerns that engagement of elected or appointed government representatives, in a decision making position, that can influence the determination of contractual service benefits in a manner that defies the governing legal standards and promotes the best interest of the public it is supposed to serve.

Role of Those Outside of Government Who Seek Direct Benefit

The second side concerns the determination made by those outside of government seeking to engage government in an illegal and improper fashion to secure an advantage, financially, for their own direct benefit, while claiming they are serving the public good for which they are providing the service.

Business School Emphasis on Ethics

From the standpoint of the business school and the emphasis of a curriculum of ethics and good practices in management and decision making, the interest is making the connection that the idea of bribing an official or otherwise exerting undue influence in a process that should be as competitive as the market place that presumably their services or products in which they are provided, is not only improper for legal reasons, but a violent rejection of the competitive market based principles that drive most of the business conducted in our economic…

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